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Timesheet approvals

We are a firm of accountants who are about to start using QBs Time after using timesheets in QBs desktop for years. Our issue is that we would like to be able to approve the timesheets so that they are pulled through to QBs online by customer rather than by day or week for billing purposes. QBs Time do not appear to have a solution for this and instead have suggested approving the timesheets, raising a bill and then unlocking the timesheets again so that staff can continue to enter time for the rest of the day. This seems very messy, especially since only the primary admin user can approve and unlock timesheets.

We have given feedback asking if approval by customer can be considered as a development to improve things and in the meantime we will probably be approving timesheets on a daily basis and sending bills out the day following sending the accounts etc to the client rather than at the same time.

Are there any firms of accountants using QBs Time already who have overcome this issue?

Many thanks

QuickBooks Team

Timesheet approvals

Hello DebbieRyall, thanks for posting on the Community page, and for that information, thanks for leaving the feedback, we open this up to any other accountant users who use QBs Times.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Timesheet approvals


You should explore a 3rd party time tracker app to integrate with QBO.

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