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Add job date to a report



How do I use the job date (invoice line item date) in a report.


If I use any report type, I can only pull up the invoice tax date, usually the end of the month, but I need to have the job date in the report. This is so that I can export it to Excel.


Unless there is a different way to export a batch of invoices to Excel?





QuickBooks Team

Re: Add job date to a report

Hello there, Alan.


The transaction date in the invoices that belongs to a specific job is the job date in QuickBooks Desktop. If you're referring to the period when the job is performed, then the option is unavailable.


For now, we can only use the invoice date when running a transaction report. I'll be sure to forward your request to our Product Development Team. They're the ones who update QuickBooks and might consider adding the option to the report in the future. 


We're always here if there's anything else you need help with QuickBooks. Thanks.