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Level 2

BREX integration

I'm starting an integration with BREX.


I understand the basics of setting up the account and category mapping on the BREX end, and how to export the transactions.


When I perform the export for a 30 day period, I believe all the individual expenses will all appear in the QB GL.


But, I will still get a feed from my bank account as a debit for the lump sum - which represents all those individual transactions.


How do I post that transaction from the bank?

QuickBooks Team

BREX integration

I can share details about Brex, EdStanfield.


Once connected, each transactions you export will post as a journal entry. You'll want to verify first what those transactions are and check also the mapping. All transactions should reflect into the appropriate accounts based on how you map it.


You can also ask an assistance from Brex so they can check if how you set it up is correct.


Reply below if you need further assistance. I'm here to help.

Level 2

BREX integration

I'm reaching out to BREX for answers - waiting for a replay.


In their setup screen there is a field to identify an Accounts Payable. I'm not sure what to do with this. I suspect that I should I set up a unique AP called BREX AP and that all the imported transactions will populate it.


Then, when I post the summary (monthly) debit from my bank account, it will also post to this account and it will reconcile.


The on-boarding process has room for improvement. 

Hussein G
Level 1

BREX integration

Did you end up confirming what this field represents? I am integrating my Brex to my QBO and I am stuck on this step as the dropdown list is not showing my QBO accounts at all

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