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Budget and Spreadsheet Sync

Is it possible for me to generate and upload a budget using Spreadsheet Sync? Can Spreadsheet Sync be used to generate an Actual Vs Budget report? In the introductory video, I noticed there was an Actual Vs Targets feature, but it seems to be missing in the UK version. Could someone please verify if there is any connection between Spreadsheet Sync and the QBO budget?


Budget and Spreadsheet Sync

Hi @Melaku.


Currently, the ability to generate and upload a budget in QuickBooks Online using Spreadsheet Sync is available only in the US region's QuickBooks Online (QBO) Advanced. It might be available in the QuickBooks Online UK version soon, or it may not.


In the meantime, you can consider checking the Apps menu to search for alternative applications that enables you to generate and upload budgets in QuickBooks Online.


For more details about Spreadsheet Sync and QBO integration, please see this article: Get started with Spreadsheet Sync for QuickBooks Online Advanced.


Additionally, this article may come in handy: Manage billing, payment, and subscription info in QuickBooks Online. It covers how to update your billing info and upgrade your subscription.


Please let me know if you need more QuickBooks Online assistance. I'm always here o help out more. Take care and stay healthy.

Level 1

Budget and Spreadsheet Sync


I'm a UK user and Spreadsheet Sync fan!

Is there any update on being abole to upload budgets via Spreadsheet Sync? Its very time-consuming for users to have to re-key these manually from spreadsheets that look just like your Quickbooks Budget Grid.

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