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Calculation of unrelieved loss in (with R&D relief)

Dear all,

I'm trying to understand how to compute the unrelieved loss (with a specific example) when there is an R&D claim and how to record it. Would be very grateful for some kind help.


I read S1056 from which defines the unrelieved loss in this circumstance.


Take the following concrete example:


==== EXAMPLE DATA ====
Loss per accounts: 20000
Amortisation: -15000
Enhanced R&D expenditure: 80000 enhanced at 130% = 104000
Capital allowances: 100000
=> Trading loss: 209000


Total enhanced R&D expenditure: 80000 + 104000 = 184000


This company is putting in an R&D claim. The tax credit (tax relief) that could be obtained by making said claim is 14.5% of the Total enhanced R&D expenditure, i.e. 184000 @ 14.5% = 26680


Unrelieved loss: My understanding is that the unrelieved loss would be 209000 - 26680 = 182320


Am I correct? If not, why not and what is the correct calculation? How do I record it in QB exactly?


Many thanks in advance,


p.s. Ultimately I want to compute the surrendable loss, which is the lower value of the total enhanced r&d expenditure and the unrelieved loss.

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Calculation of unrelieved loss in (with R&D relief)

Hi @alexwt , i see your post in wave community too. But i just know that ; a trading loss must be quantified with HMRC (i.e. accounts and tax computations must be prepared and submitted) before any loss relief can be considered. Cheers.

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