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Estimates Reports



Is there a way of running an open estimates report by customer but including the product type/description?  It would be really useful not to have to look at each quote to determine the product that was quoted if you are looking to generate sales of a certain product/service.  

Many Thanks


Estimates Reports

Hello SaraM2, with estimates being a non-posting transaction there are not many report options. There is not a report option that would pull up the product detail on the estimates.  We have checked both estimate reports and our transaction reports and confirmed this with our senior team. The estimate is not counted as a sale so product information can't yet be pulled through unfortunately. We will pass on you feedback as we are currently working on improving our reporting.

Level 1

Estimates Reports

Hi, if you could feed that back to the team for future improvements it would be much appreciated  Many Thanks

Level 2

Estimates Reports

I need this functionality too - cannot find a way to get this data out of QBO at all :(

QuickBooks Team

Estimates Reports

Hello, @Sandra5000

I recognized the importance of including product/type description when running an estimate report by customer in QuickBooks Online (QBO). While the feature is currently unavailable, you can submit a feedback requests to our product engineers. This will enable our team gain better understanding of your concerns and enhance your experience while using QuickBooks.

Here's how to send feedback:

  1. From the Gear icon, select Feedback.
  2. Type in your feature suggestions.
  3. Click Next to submit feedback.


I'm adding this guide in case you want to save your current customisation in QuickBooks: Memorise reports in QuickBooks Online. 

Please leave a comment below if you have further questions about running reports in QBO or any other concerns within the program. We're always here to help. Have a good one. 

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