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alby fanhangle
Level 1

Forgot to provide/produce an invoice

Hi all,


For services provided/goods supplied in my last tax year (1/4/2022 - 31/3/2023) I have included an amount in the tax return that I have yet to make an invoice out for. It should have been dealt with but it just kept getting left. The tax return has been submitted and any tax due has been paid.

I am still not using MTD software for full accounts, just the vat.

The invoice amount has been paid. This is a pretty daft oversight (busy++).


How do I manage this in quickbooks?

Do I simply make an invoice dated 31/3/2023?


The vat will need to be paid but I'm hoping that will be sorted sort of automatically and get added to the current accruing quarter once the invoice is produced in quickbooks.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated




QuickBooks Team

Forgot to provide/produce an invoice

Hello Alby Fanhangle, thanks for posting on the Community page, If you need to create an invoice for this then you should do that with the date it needs to be so the 31/03/2023. It will create an exception if the period is marked as filed in QuickBooks, or be included in the period if it hasn’t yet been marked as filed. 

alby fanhangle
Level 1

Forgot to provide/produce an invoice

Thank you kindly Ashleigh1.


I will do that.


I dont use Quickbooks for full accounting, just the VAT, but I'm sure that wont make any difference.

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