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QuickBooks Team

Hello accounts193,



Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community. 


Do you use one of our payroll packages within your QuickBooks Online account?






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Hello, I have the same question.


I am using Quickbooks Standard Payroll.


How do I know how much monthly PAYE and NI to pay HMRC... Right now we have a large credit on our HMRC account having back-claimed 4 years of Employment Allowance, so we are not paying HMRC anything right now but once this credit has been used up, how will I know how much to pay each month?


I am new to QB - my old payroll system used to generate a PAYE remittance report each month, which showed tax and NI owed and the EA deduction for the month but I don't see that here on QB.



QuickBooks Team

Hello Beanfrog, thanks for posting on this thread, so if you click on reports on the left hand side navigation bar then scroll down to payroll and click on employment payroll record (P32) it will tell you all the information on there that you need. But because you are back claiming EA you may need to work it out manually once that amount is paid up.