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How can I get the customers days taken to pay report?

The "advice" given in the software search states "choose your report". How totally unacceptable. Desktop had this facility for over 20 years yet QBO Advance has nothing helpful. This is 2023 and Advance is for well established businesses needing specific detail. When will this report or detail on the customer be available?
QuickBooks Team

How can I get the customers days taken to pay report?

Hi accounts-control, thanks for posting on the Community


The Collections Report in QuickBooks Online includes the total days past due by transaction per customer. 


If there are any further reports that you'd like to see included, please post these over on QuickBooks Idea Exchange. We'll be reviewing all ideas submitted here, and if they get to over 50 votes, we will review it with our Product team. 

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How can I get the customers days taken to pay report?

Thanks GeorgiaC but that is not what I need. The days taken to pay report - that was in QuickBooks Desktop for over 20 years - calculates the days taken to pay for all transactions and gives the average days from the time the customer account was opened to date. This is invaluable for historical records as well as credit account reviews, risk assessments and management of the sales account. The collection report only gives how many days the invoices are overdue. 

I am still struggling with the lack of functionality that Online Advanced is giving in comparison to QuickBooks Desktop. "Advanced" may be the best of your products but it's name compared to desktop should be "backward step"! 

QuickBooks Team

How can I get the customers days taken to pay report?

We appreciate you for joining here in the thread, @ell281. Let us share insights about the customer's days taken to pay reports in QuickBooks Online Advanced (QBO). 


We can see how beneficial it is for you and your business. However, the option to have this report is currently unavailable in QBO. We know your need for this feature, so we recommend sending a message to our development team. This way, they can review your suggestion and consider it for future product enhancements. Here's how:


  1. Go to Settings, then Feedback.
  2. Input your product suggestions. 
  3. If done, select Next to submit.


To track your feature requests, visit this link: QuickBooks Online Feature Requests.


Additionally, I'll also add these articles to guide you on handling reports inside QBO: 



If you have further questions about reports inside QBO, comment below. We're just one click away. Keep safe always. 

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