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How to add Profit and Loss Comparison Reports to custom reports

I am trying to "Create Management Report" in the management reporting section of QB Online and I want to have a Profit and Loss Comparison report in the custom report (and also a Balance Sheet Comparison report). It looks like it SHOULD be straightforward to do as after you press "Create Management Report", click on "Reports and Charts" a drop down menu appears allowing you to "select report". The Profit and Loss Comparison Report is a standard report that you can select from that menu.

HOWEVER, when I select it (and the Balance Sheet Comparison) the report that prints out within the Custom Management report does not have the comparison data on it. For example if I want the report to cover the current financial year to date the report only shows the current year's figures and doesn't show the comparison figures. If I run the profit and loss comparison report as a standalone report it correctly shows the comparison period, it is only when I try and include it in a custom report that the comparisons are missing. 

Does anyone know how to fix this - or is it a bug in the reporting that needs tech support?

QuickBooks Team

How to add Profit and Loss Comparison Reports to custom reports

Hi salinaeservices, thanks for posting on the Community 


We appreciate you providing such detailed information. 


When selecting Preview against the report, does the correct information show on the Print or Save as PDF screen?


Additionally, please check that Compare previous year setting is selected on the report. You can do this by going to the Action drop-down > Edit > Reports and charts > Click the pencil icon to edit. Thank you!

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