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We have a business loan and are tracking payments in QuickBooks Online. Is there any way to break out the Principal and Interest in QuickBooks? As these have different ramifications year-end for a write-off. We would just like to be able to see both of the numbers individually.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

QuickBooks Team


Hello there, @Leigh_Skor.  I appreciate for reaching out to the Community.


I'm now here to help you achieve your goal. Let's start by running the Transaction List by Date report, this report will help you see through to the loan you've incurred. Together with the total amount of it.


Here's how to run it:


  1. On the left side of your account display page, go to Reports.
  2. In the search box find the report by name, enter the transaction then the choices will show. Choose Transaction List by Date.
  3. On the upper right click the Filter option, this will allow you to specify your reports. Just select the account where you saved your loan payment records.
  4. Click the Add Filter to add more important details to your report.
  5. Once done, this will automatically reflect on the report screen.
  6. Click the Save icon, then you can view this report by going to Reports > Custom Reports.


If you want to take notes and save your report without customizing it manually. you can read this article: Memorise reports in QuickBooks Online.


For additional questions about managing your transactions, never hesitate to reply to this post. Keep safe!

Level 8


Hi @Leigh_Skor 


The easiest way to do this would be to enter the loan repayments as Cheques in QBO - each cheque split over two lines (one to Loan Liability & the other to Interest Expense).

That way the Loan Liability is reduced each month & the Interest Expense is accounted for at the time of each payment.


Depending on the loan structure, your payments might be the same one month to the next or the split between principal/interest might vary - you will need to check your documents to be certain.


Hope this helps.

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