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Open Invoice Report-showing zero dollar balance for customers.

Hello- need some help with my "Open Invoice" Report. When I pull this report it prints some customers showing a "0" dollar balance. I onl

QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Open Invoice Report-showing zero dollar balance for customers.

We can perform some troubleshooting steps to get the Open Invoice report working and provide you the correct data, cjkhunt.


This report lists unpaid invoices and statement charges, grouped and subtotaled by customer and job. Before performing any steps, let's make sure QuickBooks is updated to the latest release.


Then, try changing the period covered. Just click the Dates drop-down list and choose a different date range or change the dates shown in the From and To fields. Once done, click the Refresh tab to give you the right report data.


If the same thing happens, let's try opening another company file to check if you're having a problem with only one file and not the program itself. Here's how:


  1. In your QuickBooks, go to the File menu at the top left.
  2. Choose Close Company.
  3. In the No Company Open window, click the drop-down arrow in the Open a sample file icon.
  4. Choose a sample file and click on it.

Then, try running the report again. You can also customise the report, just follow the steps in this article: Customise customer, job, and sales reports in QuickBooks Desktop


If it works, it's possible there's a damaged data on the company file you've been working with. Just run the Rebuild Data tool is built-in to fix any company file data issues. You can check out this article for the steps and details: Fix data damage on your QuickBooks Desktop company file.


We can also repair your software to fix any damaged component in QuickBooks. This also fixes any errors while using, installing, or updating QuickBooks. See the Repair your QuickBooks Desktop for Windows article for more details.


I have a link here that provides you with articles about managing your reports in your software: Setting up reports to customise, run, and share.


You can always count on me if you need a hand with memorizing your reports or any QuickBooks related. Assistance is just one post away. Have a great day ahead.