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Level 8

Ordering of Reports

This may have come up before but I can't find anything.

I've submitted feedback but thought I'd also post here...


The ordering of reports is a recurring annoyance in QBO & makes for extra work & one or two extra steps to make readable.

For example, in a report of past invoices (AR Ageing, let's say), common sense would be to order by date then invoice no. - so that invoice numbers are in sequence.

QBO, however, orders by date then amount (ascending) - so that invoice numbers are out of sequence on a report.

There seems to be no way of reordering (except export to xsl, then using spreadsheet).


It's particularly apparent when you have a few invoices to the same customer on the same date.  When sending an Open Invoices report I have to manually reorder the sequence (or do it in Excel).

Why do I send Open Invoice reports as xsl?  Because QBO Statements are woeful - but that's another thread!

QuickBooks Team

Ordering of Reports

Hello Paul72,


We are sorry to hear of your frustrations. I am afraid we do not have any functionality currently built in to allow you to achieve the outcome you are looking for on those specific reports


You have already done the best thing that we would suggest - which is to leave feedback within the product.


You can achieve more customisation by using a Transaction List by customers - filtering to show certain pieces of information; such as income only; and then whether or not it is Paid or Unpaid. The Transaction list by customer can then be sorted by multiple methods, which can be found using the "Sort" icon in the top right hand corner. You can then save the customisation that you decide upon. Whether that will give you the same outcome with invoice numbers is not something i can confirm; especially if you sort by due date and the invoices have differing terms for example.

Level 8

Ordering of Reports

Thanks JamesC.


I've just tried Transaction List by Customer Report & it's ordered sensibly by default - by date, then number.

A bit of filtering (by customer / open / etc) & group by month gives a reasonable xsl download to use as a statement without further reordering.


I had tried something similar with Open Invoices by Customer Report but the default ordering is date then amount (this can be changed to by number).  However, the Group By option is not available in Open Invoice Report.


While I think I now have something workable, the lack of consistency between reports (why can some be sorted by column but others can't; why can some be grouped but others can't?!) makes for a very confusing product.  A system that is advertised as 'time-saving' ends up being 'time-consuming' if you need anything that deviates even slightly from one-size-fits-all.


Fortunately, the team on here is quick to respond to queries ;)

Thanks again JamesC.


Ordering of Reports

Glad to have you back, @paul72,


We always appreciate customers like you who are taking the time to share their feedback with us. Reports in QuickBooks is tailored specifically for all business finances aspects.


While customization options may differ for each type, QuickBooks provides basic functions to change how report looks, or what information QuickBooks displays.

I understand how helpful and time-efficient to have the same filters on all reports, I'll be sending this request to our engineers. They are the ones who consider feedback for future QuickBooks enhancements.


If you have other questions about this or anything else about QuickBooks, let me know by clicking the Reply button below. I'll be glad to provide further assistance whenever you needed so. Cheering you a wonderful week!

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