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Overdue Invoice Report Statement



I have found a report which is perfect but I'm not able to export it into PDF. The report as it stands is very basic and looks like an excel and defiantly not nice enough to forward onto a client.


I need this report to send onto clients as a summary of what is outstanding and it needs to look professional with logo etc in it. 


The location of this report is: Invoicing - Customers


Filter - Overdue invoices

Filter - Last Quarter


Normally, a PDF function is available with the option to add logo etc but not in this report.


I have been all through the reporting tab and sub folders to try and replicate this report, but there is nothing.


Can someone help?


Thank you



QuickBooks Team

Overdue Invoice Report Statement

I'm glad you came, @AdamR8974. I'd like to give you thorough and step-by-step instructions on handling overdue invoice reports in QuickBooks Online.


We can run a report to get a list of your overdue invoices. The data can then be exported from there.


Consider these steps below:


  1. From Sales tab, select All sales.
  2. Scroll down to Filter, choose Over Due and filter the date to the last quarter, then Run Report.
  3. If you want to save the report directly to your desktop, or hit the dropdown arrow, then select the Export to PDF option. 
  4. Click the Printer icon, select your preferred orientation, and hit Save as PDF.


By heading to the Reports tab, we can also include the logo of your company or business to make it more professional. Here's how:


  1. Pull up the data that you need  in the search tab
  2. From the Customise button, scroll down to the Header/Footer.
  3. Then put a check mark on it.


This option will allow you to include your logo in the header.


In addition, I added this article on how to memorise report in QuickBooks Online. This will help you save your current customisation settings.


Let me know if that's fine. Have a happy day!

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Overdue Invoice Report Statement

Thank you for coming back to me so quickly.


When I go into reports I have Tabs which show: Standard, Custom Reports, Management Reports


Sub Sections In Standard: Favorites, Who owes you, Sales and customers, What you owe, Expenses and suppliers, Manage VAT, Employees, For my accountant, Payroll, Manage Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)


No costomise button, which I thought would be better because I know how to build reports and i think this function where you can fully build a report from scratch would be a better function for those who are a bit more advanced in this area.


I have done a search for 'All Sales', nothing is returned.


Could it be the package I have? I have the QuickBooks Essentials package, but I don't want to up my package to just get a report that is their into PDF, this seems a little ridiculous that I can't get a simple tweak to my report.


Your help is much appreciated.




Overdue Invoice Report Statement

I'm here to clear things out for you, AdamR8974.


The report that my colleague is referring to can be found on the All Sales tab under the Sales menu. You can filter the data on the table to view and export the lists of all overdue invoices from the last quarter. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Sales menu.
  2. Select the All Sales tab.
  3. Click the Filter button, then select Invoices from the Type drop-down menu.
  4. Set the status as Overdue, then select Last Quarter from the Date drop-down menu.
  5. Click Apply, then select the Export icon from the upper right corner of the table.

Alternatively, you use the Open Invoice report the view the same data. This report will look more professional compared to the first one since it contains your business information and logo in the header. I'll show you how to pull it up:


  1. Go to the Report menu.
  2. Select Open Invoices under Who owes you.
  3. Click the Customize button, then set the reporting date to Last Quarter.
  4. Head to the Filter section, then chose Unpaid from the A/R Paid drop-down menu.
  5. Select the appropriate customer, then click Run report.
  6. Click the Pencil icon beside your business name then, tick the Show logo option.
  7. When you're done, click the Email icon to send the report to your customer.

Additonally, here some articles that will help you speed up the reporting process in the program:


You can always find me here if you need more help in viewing your other reports. Have a pleasant day ahead.

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Overdue Invoice Report Statement

Hi KentB


The second option you have provided is a report i pulled together also, but it's very odd because it should only contain 7 entries and when I click on Last Quarter it pulls in 2021 entries too. Unfortunately, this report would not work, but the below report is the report I want to send if only...


The first option you give is the the report I was questioning in my posts. This report is perfect, but without the PDF function and the logo, this cannot be sent to our clients. If this report had the same functionality like all the other reports, this would be brilliant, really don't understand why this one reporting area fails to have all the necessary functions available.


This is very disappointing and i wanted to start off providing our clients a statement of the last quarter and then provided monthly statements there after. if this cannot be done, which I'm getting the feeling this is not something that can be done and I'm not sure if this is something that can be fixed, I will have no choice but to turn to Word Document and create them myself. I really thought QuickBooks could do anything, but this is going to waste a lot of hours to generate statements for all our clients on a monthly basis, all because it doesn't have the same reporting functions as all the other reports.


I really do think you should have a proper customisation report where you can build a report from scratch, operating a little bit like a pivot table, you add or drop the data in and select various filters etc. For those comfortable with building reports, this function would be much better. Just something to think about if you're looking to make improvements.


Please let me know if you can add the reporting options like all the other reports to the report i'm trying to pull?


Thank you




Overdue Invoice Report Statement

A pleasant day to you, AdamR8974.


I appreciate your brief explanation of what you want to achieve with the reports in QuickBooks Online (QBO). 


The reports suggested by ChristineJoieR are the possible reports that are close to what you're looking for. Moreover, you can export a report to Excel and manually add and edit the information you want to include in the report. This is where you can customize it so you can provide your clients a statement of the last quarter and the monthly statement after as well.


Here's how:


  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Choose the report you want to open.
  3. Click the Edit drop-down from the report you selected. Then select Export As PDF or Export As Excel.

Also, I have articles here about managing reports in QuickBooks Online (QBO) for your reference: Customise and modify columns on reports.


QBO is constantly changing and evolving based largely on the suggestions and requests of users like yourself. For now, I want you to get in the loop about the latest news and product developments in QuickBooks. That said, I encourage you to visit our Firm of the future site. To narrow down your search, you can go to the Product & Industry News tab.


Moreover, you can open the topics from our help articles for additional resources while working with QuickBooks in the future.


I'm always here to help if you have any other concerns or questions while working with QBO. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Take care. 

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