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Parking fees from unusual customers

We are managing a condominium and our source of income is association dues. So, our customers are mainly the tenants/owners of units. We have recently purchased QuickBooks Accountant 2019 and starting to transfer data from our old Accounting Software. The problem is, I don't know how to encode receipts (like parking fees, rental of function room, car sticker, etc.) which QuickBooks doesn't let you encode without putting a customer job. We were used to just typing the name of the customer to the receipt journal without making another customer job. Do I always have to make another customer job for another unusual customer? Sometimes these unusual customers are visitors of tenants. They pay parking fees and car sticker which we treat as Other Income.

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Parking fees from unusual customers

hi Arzini ,

You may consider using Sales Receipt feature.


Create only a single name of Customer Job (for example: Misc. Parking Fee) and use it repetitively. Just my 2 cents.


Parking fees from unusual customers

Thanks for trying QuickBooks Desktop, Arzini.


An Invoice might've been used, that's why it asked you to enter a name. You can create a Sales Receipt if you don't want it to reflect on the transaction. Before doing this, you'll have to add the items ( parking fees, rental of function, and car sticker) as an Other Income account. Here's how to do it:


To add the item:

  1. From the Lists menu, select Item List.
  2. In the Item drop-down, select New.
  3. Select Inventory Part in the TYPE drop-down.
  4. Enter the Item Name.
  5. Select Other Income as the affected account.
  6. Click OK.

To create a Sales Receipt:

  1. Go to the Customers name, then select Enter Sales Receipts.
  2. Select the item you created earlier.
  3. Enter the QTY, and AMOUNT.
  4. Click Save & Close.

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