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Practice Manager | Ask Me Anything


We're so excited to have launched Practice Manager. This is a feature that allows you to create client requests or projects to organise and track your team's work. It will help you keep your work on track from start to finish. PM AMA.png


I've sat down with Fer Amenedo who's the Senior Product Manager working on Practice Manager. Below, he's answered some of your questions that we've heard. Take a look and if you still have questions, please feel free to post in the comments. 






1. How many clients can I have in Practice Manager?

You can have as many clients as you want, whether they are QuickBooks clients, or clients managed in other FMS. Our pricing tiers are based on the number of clients that you have. So, based on how many clients you want to manage within Practice Manager you will need to select the right tier for your practice. Our lowest tier allows you to manage up to 100 clients.



2. How can I bring my client data into Practice Manager?

Yes. Some of your client data will be brought from QuickBooks for Accountants. Other, can be synced directly from Companies House. During the initial import we will compare your QuickBooks clients against Companies House and let you choose the right records for your clients. You will also be able to upload information using a CSV file for those clients that are in other FMS.


3. Will I get any help with setting up Practice Manager?

We have many resources that can help you get started with Practice Manager. From videos to articles, our resource hub will give you all the hints and tips of how to get the most out of Practice Manager. Additionally, our onboarding team will help you get started with using QuickBooks Practice Manager and help you get setup ready to use. They will ensure your email is connected, clients brought in, key workflows created and help create your letters of Engagement.

4. Do my clients need to have a QuickBooks license to be in Practice Manager?

No, you will be able to onboard clients that are also managed in other FMS. The main difference is that with those clients you won’t get the benefits of the deep QuickBooks integration.


5. If I add clients via Companies House will their data be automatically updated if there are changes?

Once you sync one client with Companies House their details will be imported. At the moment, if their details change their data is not pulled automatically, but you can press on a sync button and this will update the profile with their details.


6. Will I need separate login details to access Practice Manager?

The only requirement to use Practice Manager is to have a QuickBooks for Accountant account. Practice Manger will use these same login details.


7. What other features are you looking to bring in?

We will soon be releasing Letters of Engagement. Also, we are looking to improve our reporting capabilities, build our deeper integration with QuickBooks so you can see customers accounting data from within PM, as well as enable some of our latest AI technology in Practice Manager.

Shaima Todd
Level 1

Practice Manager | Ask Me Anything

I am setting up my QBO Practice Manager and im finding a couple of issues with Email


No idea how to:

- move an email to priority - QBO seems to determine which email is Other or Prority!

- How can I delete emails wholesale? e.g. when linking my email it has pulled through 99+ emails and im currently having to go through each one individually to delete

- I can't see any of my Gmail folders in practice manager, will this change? Unfortunately, I will currently need to keep my gmail open to search or file away anything




Level 1

Practice Manager | Ask Me Anything


I have few questions and comments 

Date Format : Why this has been set in yyyy/mm/dd as it makes bit hard to enter , is there a way we can change like date of birth to enter and some other dates.

When transferring client from QBOA it just transferred/migrate all of them instead of letting us to choose.

when we are accepting the Practice Manager software to have direct integration with QBPM. Is karbon is QBPM interface for integration with practice manager software. 

Switching between QBOM and QBOA there is no link or button. Have to open the new window. 



M Mobin



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