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Rohit Sharma
Level 1

Primary Key in scheduled report


I am generating scheduled report of 'Item Listing' using Quickbooks desktop. But there is no Product Id or any other primary key found in generated report. I want to sync generated reports with my system but for that i need a primary key. Is there any option available for this?

Secondly, The Pdf report received from scheduled report has an issue that, if any entry in the list is long, then it is getting cropped using '...' at the end. This is very bad as I am not able to get full name of my products. Needed solution for this too.

Thirdly, is there any specific method available by which i can get Excel/Csv in scheduled reports?

QuickBooks Team

Primary Key in scheduled report

Hello Rohit Sharma, 


Welcome to the Communtiy page, 


So the Primary key or Product Id--- you can use part number (customise the report and it appears in the Display section). The pdf getting cropped, is there a specific column that its doing it on? Description column? Can you provide us with a screenshot so we can see what your seeing please. Also with it being on a pdf then it may be an issue or limitation with adobe? 

Rohit Sharma
Level 1

Primary Key in scheduled report

Hi Ashleigh1,

Thank you for quick reply.

Are you talking about MPN as there is no column found as Part Number in Customize Report>Display Section. Is there any possibility where it generates automated values for this column?


Regarding cropping issues, It is happening in 'Item' column. I am attaching here a screenshot marking those names with red box. Please check this.


QuickBooks Team

Primary Key in scheduled report

Hello, Rohit Sharma.

Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. I appreciate your effort in customizing the report.

As I checked the thread, you wanted to show those items. Let me help you with that.

Here's how:

  1. Go to the Reports menu, select Sales, and then click Open Sales Order by Item.
  2. Click Customize Report.
  3. Check the Item and Item Description columns.
  4. Uncheck all other columns that you don't want to be part of the report.
  5. Click OK.

Once done, export it to excel and check if the items are showing.
If not you may contact our support team.

I've also included this article that helps you customize a report.

I'm always here if you need any help customizing reports in QuickBooks Desktop. Have a good one!


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