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QBO Statements Left Alignment in Open Amount Column

Looking through other Community discussions I see that this issue (not a preference) has been ongoing for a few years.


Why are the amounts on the Customer Statement in the Open Amount column left aligned and not right?  Seriously who thought this was a good format?  Why can't it be fixed?  I shouldn't have to use a third party app to fix something this simple.  It's not a good look to send to our customers.


We recently upgraded our two accounting systems and I now have to use QBO to send out statements.  Overall the format is good, but that is all moot because your eye is drawn to the left aligned numbers.  


Is there any chance of a fix to this issue?



QuickBooks Team

QBO Statements Left Alignment in Open Amount Column

Hi there, @ChrisMc29.


Currently, there is no option to customise statements in QuickBooks Online (QBO). That said, we're unable to change the alignment of the Open Amount column.


However, you can download the statement and manually modify the alignment outside QBO. Here's how:


  1. Go to Sales and select Customers.
  2. Locate the customer's name and click the Action dropdown. Then, Create Statement.
  3. Click Print or Preview.
  4. Select the download icon.


We understand every business has unique needs, and please know that we value customer feedback to improve the product. Let me help you relay your recommendation to our software engineers so they can review and consider incorporating this feature in our future product upgrades. To do that, go to the Gear icon and select Feedback.


Moreover, I'll share this article to help you handle customer balances in QBO: Manage outstanding balances for customers and suppliers in QuickBooks Online.


Please don't hesitate to visit the Community whenever you have other questions about creating a statement in QBO. Our team is always here to offer assistance. Stay safe.

Level 2

QBO Statements Left Alignment in Open Amount Column

Wanting to have right alignment of numbers is not a preference!!  It's standard business reporting.  I will submit feedback (not holding out much hope that I will get a response), but anything you can do to pass it on up the ladder would be appreciated.  This looks bad on the report and should not be, I wouldn't think, a hard fix to make.


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