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Please could you tell me how I can generate a report by a single location and split out by class?





QuickBooks Team


Hello Ann 1001, welcome and thanks for posting on the Community page, so you can have a look at the report called Profit and Loss by Location. If you scroll down to the business overview section and look at the right-hand column near the top of the list you will see the report called Profit and Loss by Location then if you click on customise top right-hand side of the report> click the filter> select the class you want to see> run report. It will then bring up just what you want to see on the report. 

Level 1



Thanks for your reply.  I had a look at that report but I think you need to run a report to see each class under location individually.  Is there a report for a specific Location that shows a breakdown of the results by each class under it in one report?



QuickBooks Team


Hello there, Ann. I've got the report you need to show the specific location and each class under it. 


Before anything else, please know there's no direct report to show only a specific location with its class under it, but we can run two reports and filter them to achieve your goal. 


The first report is the Profit and Loss by Class, which will display all the accounts and each class. The second one is the Purchases by Location Detail, which will show you the purchases made in each location and their corresponding classes. 


To run a Profit and Loss by Class report:


  1. Go to the Reports, and enter Profit and Loss by Class in the search bar.
  2. Set your preferred date period, then click Customize
  3. Hover to the Filter section, click the Location dropdown, and tick a specific one. 
  4. Click Run report


To run a Purchases by Location Detail report:


  1. Go to the Reports, and enter Purchases by Location Detail in the search bar. 
  2. Click Switch to classic view, then click Customize
  3. Hit Change columns, tick the Location and Class.
  4. In the Filter section, click the Location dropdown and tick your preferred one. 
  5. Once done, click Run report


Furthermore, you can print, email, and export the reports you've pulled up to save them for future reference. You can also memorise them so you won't have to do the customisation process. 


You can always get back here whenever you need clarifications and information on what report you can generate to show locations and classes. I'm always here to back you up. 

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