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Supplier running balance option needed urgently

We urgently need an option for a running balance column in our suppliers.

Currently we have to export to Excel and create a running balance column (see below).

We deal in multicurrency, home currency is £, We have over 300 supplies on many countries and exporting to excel each time is stupid! If a supplier calls us from USA and asks us, What was the balance on 30/Nov/2023, or 31/Oct/2023 in US$, we are unable to immediately reply to them. We have to export to excel, create a running balance column and only then can we answer their question.

I believe on the Customer side you (Intuit) is having the same problem...and the solution offered was on the lines of you can see it on the statements!!!! 


Excuse me Intuit, we need to this this information live on the ledger!  




Supplier Name 
 TypeNo.ClassMemoBalanceTotalStatusrunning balance
15/12/2023BillFPL 00003 23  0.009,625.60paid-500.28
08/12/2023BillFV EX 00041 23  0.005,429.76paid-10,125.88
07/12/2023BillFPL 00002 23  0.008,693.64paid-15,555.64
05/12/2023Bill Payment (Cheque)bank z  -22,784.00-23,894.72unapplied-24,249.28
21/11/2023Bill Payment (Cheque)bank z  0.00-5,701.28applied-354.56
20/11/2023Billfpl 00001 23Biscuits 0.005,346.72paid5,346.72
20/11/2023Billfv ex 00039 23Biscuits 0.008,154.90paid0.00
06/11/2023Bill Payment (Cheque)bank z  0.00-8,138.74applied-8,154.90
20/10/2023BillFV EX 00033 23  0.0014,438.40paid-16.16
19/10/2023Bill Payment (Cheque)bank z  0.00-6,244.64applied-14,454.56
06/10/2023Bill Payment (Cheque)bank z  0.00-4,331.52applied-8,209.92
05/10/2023Bill Payment (Cheque)bank z  0.00-3,862.24applied-3,878.40
22/09/2023BillFV EX 28 23  0.001,535.20paid-16.16
22/09/2023BillFV EX 00029 23  0.006,128.80paid-1,551.36
18/09/2023Bill Payment (Cheque)bank z  0.00-7,680.16applied-7,680.16
Level 3

Supplier running balance option needed urgently

You can obtain this report, but simply customising a report in QuickBooks.


1)  Run trial balance.

2)  Click on the value for 'Creditors' or 'Accounts Payable' (this will take you to a 'transaction report')

3)  Choose to 'Customise' from the top right and use the 'filter' option to select the supplier.

4)  Change the date range for all dates

5) Run the report.

This should give you a running balance for a single supplier.  You can change the title of this report, and save as if you need.  If you need for different suppliers, simply change the filtering option.  I hope this helps.  

QuickBooks Team

Supplier running balance option needed urgently

I appreciate your time posting here in the Community, @Arden7.


I know the importance of having a built-in feature like this to help you and your business further. That said, I encourage you to submit feedback to our product developers to request the implementation of this attribute in the future. Here's how:


  1. In your QBO account, navigate to the Gear icon.
  2. Next, select the Feedback option.
  3. Enter and share your feedback, then click Next to submit.


You can also visit our Customer Feedback for QuickBooks Online website to track the suggestions you've submitted. 


Furthermore, you can visit this page to learn and have an overview of the product that entails tutorials and articles in QBO.


We also encourage you to actively participate in our Community, where you can connect with fellow users, share insights, and seek advice. It's a fantastic platform to learn from others' experiences and contribute knowledge.

Level 3

Supplier running balance option needed urgently

thanks for the suggestion, but it does not resolve the issue.


Running reports from the trial balance gives numbers in the home currency only. And there is no option to change it to foreign amount. So it may work for the home currency ledger (but for another problem), however does not work for the other currencies. Now...this other problem..Even in the home currency, when i do the report from the TB -QBO does not even give me a report saying its too much information! and all i'm asking for is 1 accounting year of information.


Issue not resolved. And I'm running out patience with Intuit and QBO, and I have started to look for alternatives. If they resolve issue i will stay, if they don't i will leave.

Level 3

Supplier running balance option needed urgently

Yes, the trial balance itself will display home currency only.  If you drill down to transactions, initially they will also be the home currency values, but you can add/remove columns when you choose to customise a report which include options such as 'Currency', 'Exchange rate', 'Foreign value', 'Foreign Debit' and 'Foreign Credit'.


If you have thousands of transactions for a single supplier you may have to narrow the date range.  If you are only expecting to see a few hundred transactions for a single supplier, it should not be an issue.  I'd recommend requesting a call back from Intuit support that where they should be able to work through this with you.

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