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Transaction Detail Report missing Running balance

The Transaction Detail Report when run directly does not have a running balance. This is a bummer. When an account is drilled down it does show the running balance. However the field I am looking for is Payment Mode which is absent when one drills down from say an item on the Balance Sheet. That field (Payment Mode) which is important to me is absent from the Detail Transaction Report when run directly. This means we cannot customize Petty cash or Bank or such reports.

QuickBooks Team

Transaction Detail Report missing Running balance

Good to see you here, HAM9. 


In QuickBooks Online, the payment method will only show in the transactions that affect directly the bank, credit card, or asset account. For example the sales receipt, invoice payment, deposit, and bill payment.


For the Payment mode, let's make sure to mark the column for the Payment Method to show in the Transaction Detail by Account report. 


Here's how:


  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Enter Transaction Detail by Account in the Find report by the name field.
  3. Click the Settings icon.
  4. Under Change columns, check the box for Payment Method. You may also include other columns that you want to show in the report.
  5. Click Run Report. 


For additional reference, you can use the following article to learn more about managing reports in QuickBooks Online. 



Leave a comment below if you have any concerns when running reports in QuickBooks Online. The Community and I will be around to help you.

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Transaction Detail Report missing Running balance

@LeizylM There is NO Opening Balance in that report.


Transaction Detail Report missing Running balance

Hi ham9000_7,


You can select the Open Balance field on the Transaction Detail by Account report. This shows the running balance on the selected accounts.



Feel free to pin these articles as your guide in modifying the report: 


Don't hesitate to get  back to this thread if you have other concerns. Keep safe!

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Transaction Detail Report missing Running balance

@Adrian_A What I mean is that there is NO BEGINNING BALANCE (if that is the language you understand) (I use the British terminology and say Opening Balance or Balance Brought Forward. The Americans call it Beginning balance).


Transaction Detail Report missing Running balance

Thanks for coming back in our forum and sharing additional details about your reporting concern, @ham9000_7,


Every report structure is different and the way the information is generated differs for every type you pull up. While we can't add a beginning balance column in a Transaction Detail report, you can export it to Excel and manually add the information there. You can open the register to get the beginning balance and input the data in the worksheet.


To export QuickBooks reports and modify the data in an Excel worksheet, use the Export option. See this example:



I'm leaving some articles below about reporting in QBO and other QuickBooks Tutorials to guide you further:



If you have anymore questions about QBO reporting, please post them here again. I'll be more than glad to guide you further. Have a wonderful day!

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