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Why can't we keep multiple companies open?

I have a few companies that all have separate QBO users. Why can't I open more than one? Alos, now that I can't open more than one at a time, I need to log in to each co as I switch because the app doesn't store login credentials.
Will we be able to do this at any stage?
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Why can't we keep multiple companies open?

Try open one account on main browser window and another account on private one. If you want to open more than 2 accounts at the same time, consider open them on more than 1 browser instead.


Just my 2 cents.

QuickBooks Team

Why can't we keep multiple companies open?

Hello Civ


It would be a case of opening the other company in a private window if you want to work on them concurrently.As the post above mentioned if you have more than 2 you would need to use a different browser.

At the moment there is not a plan to change this,we understand you may have instances where you need to look at more than one company at once. If you could leave us feedback in the cog in the top right of the product as this will then be looked at by our product developers and the more requests that we do get for this,if it is possible to implement they will look to create a feature where you could not just duplicate company you are in on the browser but have multiple open.




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