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Worldpay batch reconciling

We receive lots of orders and payment is arranged by Worldpay.

On our bank statement worldpay list a batch of payments made on that day. To reconcile these with quickbooks we have to print out the worldpay statement and find each payment in Quickbooks, is there a faster way, plugins etc?

QuickBooks Team

Worldpay batch reconciling

Hello Bernt, you may be able to link a third party app to pull through the sales  here is a link to the  page you can search for a category of app or a specific one. We welcome other  Community users who have used an app they can recommend for that to comment on this thread.

Level 1

Worldpay batch reconciling

Hi I have the same problem 
We took the WP statement and using the invoice date and the amount made a unique excel concatenated reference. 
We did the same with our orders and used this to Vlookup the our invoice so we now had an exact match between our invoices and the worldpay statement on a spreadsheet. 
With the bank statement we now still have to match the daily WP payments but it’s very quick. 
Then using Saasant transactions an app for QBO, we then upload all the matched payments in one go. The app receives as well as matches. 

if that sounds too much
You could make a bank feed from the WP statement, import into QBO and allow it to help you match your orders within QBO. 

Hope either suggestion helps


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