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Ashley Shaw
Level 1

Am I Missing something

Hi all hope you are well


I am new to quickbooks and I am trying to get my head round it 


So for example I work for a client for 8 hrs and £20 = £160 


So I have to add it on the transition page as a income and then set up a new invoice and add it there on the invoice 


so I am basically adding it twice 


Does this sound right ?


Its the same with Products if I buy a piece of wood I have to add it on the transaction page and then have to add it on the invoice 


am I doing something wrong ?


I have the basic self employed package 


Am I Missing something

Hello Ashley, welcome to the QuickBooks Community! I'm here to assist you in ensuring that your data is recorded accurately in QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE). 


If you're looking to add new transactions, you can directly do so while creating an invoice instead of adding them on the Transactions page. Let me guide you through the process for both services and products. 


For services, follow the steps below: 


  1. Go to the Invoices menu and click on Create Invoice
  2. Under the Product or Service column, click on the + icon. 
  3. Click on + Add new
  4. In the Amount type, choose By the hour and enter the amount you charge per hour, say £20. 
  5. Click on Save.
  6. On the invoice, change the quantity to the number of hours worked, say 8. The system will automatically calculate the total amount for you, which in this case would be £160. 


For products, you can follow the first three steps mentioned above and continue with the instructions given below:


  1. In the Amount type, choose By item.
  2. Enter the item price. 
  3. Click on Save


Additionally, you can check out this article to gain more insight into manually categorising bank transactions. This method allows you to effectively organize your income and expenses: Custom categories in QuickBooks Self-Employed.


That's it! This information helps you in recording your transactions effectively in QBSE. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me.

Ashley Shaw
Level 1

Am I Missing something

Thanks for your reply my screens don’t look like your snd I don’t have some off those options 

QuickBooks Team

Am I Missing something

I appreciate your reply, Ashley.


I'll provide additional help to achieve your goal of recording your transactions seamlessly in QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE).


It seems that you're on the old invoice layout. Thus, it might be why you're unable to see those options on your end. To update your invoice layout, click the Update Layout option from the upper right corner of your invoice page. From there, you can follow the process provided above.


If this isn't the case, would you mind adding more details or providing a screenshot for a visual reference on what options you don't have on your end? This way, I can give you an accurate resolution.


To learn more about creating and personalising your invoices in QBSE, you can visit this handy article: Create invoices in QuickBooks Self-Employed.


Moreover, you'll want to check out this reference to learn more about the correct line of your Schedule C for a specific transaction: Categorise transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed.


Feel free to get back on this thread and add your reply if you have further questions about invoices in QBSE. I'd be glad to help you here in the Community space. Take care always.

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