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Cant send invoices by email

QuickBooks Team

Cant send invoices by email

Hi there, lynneagnew.


Can you tell us what happens every time you email the invoice? I've got some troubleshooting steps to share that can help us check if this is caused by a browser issue.


Use a private/incognito browsing session when sending the transaction. Follow these keyboard shortcuts to start an incognito session:


  • Ctrl + Shift + N for Google Chrome
  • CTRL + SHIFT + P for Mozilla and Microsoft Edge.
  • Click File, then select New Private Window if you're using Safari

Go back to your account and send an invoice to test if that is successful. 


If you're able to send it, proceed to deleting your browsing history to clear out the cache or data that's causing the issue. Use this article as a guide: Clear cache and cookies to fix issues when using QuickBooks Online.


There's also an option to use a different browser. This is to further check if this is indeed caused by an issue in the current browser that you're using. 


Keep me posted if you still need help with your invoices. I'll be around to make sure that you're able to send them out. 

Level 1

Cant send invoices by email

it keep saying wrong password and the password is correct 

QuickBooks Team

Cant send invoices by email

Hello Classiccleaning, thanks for posting on this thread, have you don any troubleshooting, have you cleared your cache and cookies , to all time, closed the browser down, reloaded it and tried again? Do you still get the same thing happening after doing that? 

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