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CIS supplies and materials purchased

I have a supplier that we buy materials from that will be used on jobs that we are carrying out within the CIS. 


When I receive an invoice from this supplier, I want to use to code it using the Cost of Sales code 'CIS supplies and materials', but to use this code the supplier needs to be marked as a CIS sub-contractor. 

I want to use this code so I can track what materials have been purchased for CIS jobs separately from materials purchased for non CIS jobs.


This supplier is not a CIS sub contractor. 


This creates an issue when trying to submit to HMRC the CIS suffered because it comes up saying that I have a sub-contractor supplier that is not verified. 


I can't understand why QB would not allow you to have a supplier that you buy materials from for CIS jobs that is not a sub-contractor.

QuickBooks Team

CIS supplies and materials purchased

Hello Megan88, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


In QuickBooks there is no way to do this unless you mark them down as a CIS sub-contractor.  We would suggest that you leave feedback about tis within the main cog wheel> feedback this gets sent straight to our developers. 

You could speak to an accountant or HMRC to determine for advise on what to do. You could create a cost of sale chart of account to record the materials purchased for example but we appreciate that does not entirely solve the problem.

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CIS supplies and materials purchased

Hi, we're having the same problem and I've left feedback for QB. Can I ask what you are doing to get around the issue?


CIS supplies and materials purchased

Thanks for joining the Community space, @MoliRMJ.


Finding new ways to adapt to our customers’ needs is how QuickBooks gets even better. When sending feedback to our product engineers, all suggestions are being considered based on the volume of requests and their influence on the user interface before they are implemented.


I can also send another feedback on your behalf. The more request they will get, the likely it'll be implemented in the future.


Also, I'd recommend visiting this page to keep you updated with the latest software improvements and enhancements with QBO: Customer Feedback for QuickBooks Online.


Additionally, this reference will help you manage your CIS transactions in QuickBooks: Already using CIS in QuickBooks?.


Feel free to comment below if you have more questions. We're always happy to assist. Have a good day.

Level 2

CIS supplies and materials purchased


I ended up creating a new P&L code for CIS materials, just as a COS account with COS as the detail type.

I removed the supplier as a sub-contractor and left them as a normal supplier. 

This only helps with the P&L code though so you can track the purchases without the supplier needing to be marked as a sub-contractor. 


At the moment our company is the sub-contractor and we don't have any sub-contractors, therefore QB thinks we're not fully set up for CIS so I'm still not able to submit the deductions to HMRC through QB. I've had to download the HMRC tools to submit the EPS through that. 


It seems the P&L codes set up by QB for CIS are all set to 'With-holding tax purchase' as the detail type, but this seems irrelevant because it's only the CIS suffered that a contractor or sub-contractor would be claiming back from HMRC and the purchases are tracked so that you have the information available for when you hit the threshold for applying for gross payment status. 


Sorry that's not much help, but hopefully the developers will change the set-up because it won't work for anyone the way it is at the moment!



Level 2

CIS supplies and materials purchased

Thanks, I will send the feedback and appreciate you doing the same :)

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