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Customer balances for categorised bank transactions

Hi. Apologies if this is a dumb newbie question, I'm just getting started with QB.


I've linked our bank account and imported transactions. I've then categorised payments from customers, creating new customer entries where necessary. I was then expecting to see a credit balance for those customers, but they all show as £0. Why isn't a credit balance shown?


I was also expecting to see those transactions listed in the customer account. I expect there's something very basic that I've missed out! Thanks.



Customer balances for categorised bank transactions

Hi there, @grant72.


I'll make sure you're able to fix your customer's balance in QuickBooks Online.


First off, categorising transactions can be done by either adding them to your account or matching them into your existing customer's transactions. Saying new customer entries where necessary, I'm assuming you've created and matched them correspondingly.


Here's an article you can read to learn more about categorising your downloaded bank transactions: Categorise and Match Online Bank Transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Now to show that the customer has a credit, we'll have to make sure the created invoice and the payment are based on the actual amount of funds you have sold and received. This way, it'll show your transactions to the customer profile and fix the credit automatically based on the overpayment entered.


If the credit in question is not from an overpayment, we'll have to manually create the transaction using a credit note. Kindly used this article to learn more: Create and Apply Credit Notes or Delayed Credits in QuickBooks Online.


Now that, you've already categorized your downloaded bank transactions, here's an article you want to consider reading and determine what you can do with a customer credit: Record a Customer Refund or Supplier Refund in QuickBooks Online.


For all the features and functions of QuickBooks, it's best to log in using any of our supported browser versions and use this reference for guidance: Help Articles in QuickBooks Online. Also, you can read subtopics that will describe how a feature is used and how to accomplish tasks related to its functions.


Let me know how it goes in the comments below. Don't forget to include my name, @JonpriL, in your reply so that I can get back here and answer all your QuickBooks concerns. Take care always!

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Customer balances for categorised bank transactions

Thanks @JonpriL I've now got the customer account records where they should be. I needed to undo the added bank transactions then create a customer invoice which would then match the transaction.


We issue an invoice annually and all is fine when the customer pays the full amount in one payment. However, customers are free to spread payments over monthly or quarterly payments, or whatever suits them. For those, I had to manually create payment records for all of those instalment payments so that there would then be bank transaction matches. This involves a LOT of time and effort when the purpose of using QuickBooks was to make recording easier. How do I avoid doing that? Is there no way to automatically create a customer payment record when categorising/adding a bank transaction from that customer?


Customer balances for categorised bank transactions

I appreciate you following my colleague’s suggestions above, @grant72. I'll hop aboard and share some steps to help you submit your ideas to our developers.


It's imperative that businesses record the payment entries accordingly. That’s why I understand that you need the option to automatically record the transactions and match them. However, this is currently unavailable in QuickBooks.


In the meantime, you’ll want to continue manually recording the payments and matching them to the correct transactions. This way, you can review and allot the payment amounts to the correct invoices.


I do agree with you that adding more customizations and functionality would make the program better and more flexible. We want to ensure our users get the most out of QuickBooks. With this, I encourage you to send your idea to our product development team.


Here’s how:


  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Under the Profile column, select Feedback.
  3. Enter your suggestions, then click Next.QBO feedback.png


The more feedback about a certain feature they receive, the greater the chance it'll be added. Our developers will take a look at your inputs and consider them for product developments or future improvements.


You'll want to track your suggestion through this website. You can also visit our blog to keep up with all of our recent events and developments.


Please know that you can personalize your sales forms to suit your business needs. You can use this article as your guide: Customise invoices, estimates, and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online.


I'm just around in the Community if you have more questions about managing invoices and handling customer payments in QuickBooks Online. I'll make sure you're able to achieve your goals. Take care and stay safe.

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