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Customise invoice template isn’t working

I’m trying to add my bank details on the customise invoice. When I click apply nothing happens. Also doesn’t apply it to my invoices.
QuickBooks Team

Customise invoice template isn’t working

Thanks for dropping by here in the Community, @lewis-hayward-ou. I'll help you sort this out so you can proceed to apply the customisation to your invoice.


When a user encounters problems with QBO that appear to be browser-related, we recommend that they clean their cache. Temporary internet files increase loading performance, but too much can build up and cause operations to slow down. To start, here's how:

1. Restart your browser.

2. Log in to your account and try to customise your invoice in an incognito or private browser. You can use these keyboard shortcuts to launch a new private window: 


  • Google Chrome: press Ctrl + Shift + 
  • Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Safari: press Command + Shift + N

3. If it works on the private browser, you can go back to the regular browser and clear your browser's cache. From there, try to customise your invoice.


Feel free to visit this article for the steps to add your bank details into your invoice: Adding bank details to your invoices.

Additionally, I'll leave these articles for future reference:



Feel free to get back to me in case you have any additional QuickBooks concern. Rest assured, I'll always be here to help you. Keep safe and enjoy the rest of the week!


Customise invoice template isn’t working

Hello Community users, we just wanted to add some clarification on reasons why the banking details on the template may not show on a print preview/sent invoice when you are using a custom template.


We'd suggest on the current invoice, checking the template you created is ticked on the customise section which is on the black banner at the bottom of the invoice (ignore this if you have changed it to be the default template).


If it is check where you have entered the banking details on the template(click edit current within the customise section on the invoice), if you have added them to the message to customer section then change them to be on the add payment details and Footer. That will mean they then should show. If you still find that you have the same issue please let us know and we'll investigate further straight away. 

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