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Customize invoices

Just migrated over from Xero where we could allocate a customised invoice to a customer by default - so that each time a customer received their recurring invoice it would reflect the style, wording (in case of email) and payment method selected for that particular customer.


Can't see how this can be achieved with QBO, unless I'm missing something.


If it can't be done, it's going to be a real headache having to manually select each variation from the invoice 'customise' tab for each customer when it comes to sending out invoices at the end of the month.


Hoping for an easy solution!


Just looked at this again... It appears the individual invoice hangs onto the allocated design it is given. (Difficult to test without creating too many test invoices). However, will this remain and apply to the following recurring invoice?


It would certainly be easier of you could allocate each custom design at a customer level though.

Level 2

Customize invoices

QuickBooks Team

Customize invoices

Yes, @Mart-UK. You'll need to do it manually since automating this option isn't available in QuickBooks Online.


Let's try to create a recurring transaction and then customise the template from within. 


Follow these steps:


1. Go to the Gear icon.

2. Choose the Recurring Transaction tab.

3. Fill in all your customer's information.

4. Click Customise at the bottom, then choose a style or add a new style.


Next, you can follow this page for your guide on creating a new custom form style on your sales receipts: Customise invoices, estimates, and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online.


If you need to run reports of all your invoices, read this article: Customise reports in QuickBooks Online. It includes instructions on how to share custom reports and automate one.


You have my support if you need further information on customizing reports. I'll help you with how to do it in QuickBooks Online Payroll. Thank you for visiting us today.

Level 2

Customize invoices

Thanks for the response Christine.


So, am I correct in thinking that when you set up an invoice the style of invoice remains with that specific invoice - and will not have changed if you go back to it at a future date to resend it for any reason?


Also, if you set up a recurring invoice it similarly will repeat each month in the format you set for that specific invoice?

Level 2

Customize invoices

Also, the response message (attached) is shown to the customer when they they click on the 'view invoice' button in the email.


Is it possible to amend the wording boxed in red?


Customize invoices

Hello, Mart-UK.


Thanks for getting back to us! I'll take it from here and elaborate on some details about managing invoice styles for your recurring templates. 


Yes, that's correct. The format you set for the recurring template remains for the created invoice. So, when you resend it at a future date, the last format selected is used. 


If you want to use a different format or style when you resend it, we'll want to open the existing invoice, then change the style from the Customise tab. 


Furthermore, the recurring invoice template will always use that specific format each month repeatedly. Although, we still have the option to edit the template and change the style. 


Also, we're unable to amend the wording in boxed red from your screenshot. Although, this will change if you accept and process credit card payments. The wording would be replaced with fields where the customer can enter their payment information. 


If you'd like to let your customer know their payment options, we can utilise the Message to customer on the invoice style setting instead. 


On the style edit screen, go to the Emails section, then add the payment details from there. 




Alternatively, we can also use the Add payment details and footer field. Go to the Content tab, then click the third section on the preview image. 




Although, it would be great if we could allocate a customised style for each customer. Plus, the ability to amend the wording on the payment section would be a nice addition to have. 


We can send feedback to our developers about this. They'll check your input and might consider it for future improvements. 


Go to the Gear icon, then select Feedback


Although, we can look for a third-party app that changes the way we add and customise invoices or recurring templates. Let's check for offers here:


Make sure to change the flag to UK for UK-related apps. 


Do you want to see your customers' outstanding balances with a certain report? I'm sure you'll find this guide helpful: Run an accounts receivable ageing report.


Let me know if you'd like to do something else with your invoice format or recurring templates. If you need to run some other reports or make some entries, add the details below and we'll work something out. 

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