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Dispute a Purchase Invoice

Hello, New to quickbooks from Sage. How do you dispute a purchase invoice? In Sage it has a function to dispute the invoice but I cant see how to do this in quickbooks.

QuickBooks Team

Dispute a Purchase Invoice

Hello Markwoolger, thanks for posting on the Community page, If you record this as a bill you can mark it as Void instead. We don’t have the "dispute" option like the one in Sage. If you void it there is still a record of the transaction, but it is null. 

Level 1

Dispute a Purchase Invoice

Thanks for getting back to me. But we still need to see the bill / invoice so once the dispute is resolved you can pay it we can’t delete it?


Dispute a Purchase Invoice

Thank you also for returning to this thread, markwoolger. 


A disputed bill or any transaction should be recorded in the system. I see that you used to have an option to dispute the purchase invoice from other program.


In QuickBooks Online, you can first utilise the Memo field for the disputed bill. Provide a clear explanation of the issue and maintain a record of the dispute. Open the existing bill to do so. 


Once the dispute is resolved, you can record a supplier credit affecting Account Payable to provide flexibility in managing cash flow in your books.


  1. Go to the +New button.
  2. Select Supplier credit.


Link the bill and vendor credit by going to the Expenses menu> Suppliers> find the bill> select Make payment. Lastly, tick the bill and supplier credit.


Feel free to visit this article to gather more details about entering and managing bills and bill payments in QuickBooks Online: Learn how to track bills and record the payments.


Tap me on my shoulder if you have follow-up questions about dealing disputed transactions. I'll be around to help you more. Take care and stay safe.

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