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Historic bank transactions

So, I signed up to QB about a month ago, ahea d of when I wanted to start actually using QB (so I could learn how it works), linked my bank accounts and set up my payment and invoice codes. I have a number of bank transactions showing and I'm not sure how to deal with them. 

The thing is, I dont actually want to start using it for real until the 1st Jan, which is the start of my new financial year. What do I do with all the bank transactions that have automatically downloaded, but that are being dealt with under my old accounting package, prior to the switch. 

Surely I need to do something so I can start with a clean sheet? 

QuickBooks Team

Historic bank transactions

Hello RFBSDot, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


If you click on the banking page> then click the little boxes on the left-hand side next to the date> a black bar will show up with 3 words accept, update, exclude if you click the exclude option> this will move them to the excluded section of QuickBooks, if you click the excluded section it will show all the transactions in there for you, again if you tick all the little boxes a black bar will appear again then click delete


Once you click delete this will remove the transactions out of QuickBooks completely so then it ready for you to use in January. 

Level 1

Historic bank transactions

Brilliant, thanks very much :)


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