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How can I view all transactions in a bank account, including those not reviewed

I want to view one of my bank accounts in QB, including all deposits and withdrawals. Some of them have been reviewed and added, others have not. How can I do this please?
QuickBooks Team

How can I view all transactions in a bank account, including those not reviewed

Hello, Beech! Thanks for dropping by the Community forum. It's our pleasure to assist you today.


We appreciate you using QuickBooks Online as your tool for handling your business activities. In QuickBooks Online, it is not possible to view a built-in bank statement that displays all transactions, including those that have not been reviewed. To track your bank transactions within your program, you can click Banking from the Banking menu, then select the tabs marked "For review" or "Categorised."


You can view every transaction downloaded from your bank on the For review tab. From there, you can go over each one individually and decide whether to add them to the bank account history or match them to already-existing entries. You may track them in the Categorise tab after they have been added or matched. 


For your reference, visit this article: Categorise and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


You can also monitor your categorised transactions in your Account history. Here's how:


  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Select Chart of accounts under YOUR COMPANY.
  3. Choose the account, then tap the Account history link to view all categorised transactions.


Feel free to visit the following articles for your reference in managing transactions and accounts in QuickBooks Online:



We're always here to help you if you have further clarifications, Beech. We're grateful for your continued participation in our forum. Have a wonderful day!

Level 2

How can I view all transactions in a bank account, including those not reviewed


Dear SirielJeaB and the QB Team

It looks like you can only “view every transaction downloaded from your bank” if it is virgin data. As soon as some transactions have been added (whether manually or automatically by Rules) you can only see, either what is left to review, or, what has already been added. I can’t find a way to view it like a bank statement so all deposits and withdrawals are visible. I need to do this to be able to spot errors and to learn more where QB is putting things.


for example, I want to check some transfers between accounts over that past 3 years. Some of the imported data has been categorised and some has not. I don’t want to enter the transaction as a transfer if it will be entered twice so I want to check. At the moment it looks like I need to go to the chart of accounts, look

for the transfer in one account ( either categorise it or not, although in this window “record as a transfer” is not displayed). Then I need to exit back to the chart of accounts, go to the other account, attempt to find the transaction, drill down into the detail, check how it has been categorised, then go back to the first account, check it again before making any changes etc etc


the beautiful thing about this bank statement type view is that the balance at the end of each row is correct and lines up with the deposits and withdrawals. The way I am seeing it, as soon as one item gets categorised and added, I can’t go back and view that unity where everything lines up - unless I could get to the point of having entered all data for 8 accounts for 3 years correctly! But even then I can’t find a View where I can see everything lining up.


Some of my transactions have been reviewed and added, some have been auto-added by Rules. It’s difficult for me to spot errors, or items which have been put in the wrong category. I’m also interested in making sure transfers between accounts have not been added twice. It takes a long time toggling between the Chart of Accounts, finding any suspect transfers, drilling down into the detail, coming back out to the Chart of Accounts, selecting the other account and trying to find the corresponding transaction- whether it has been added or not. At the moment it seems I need to look in different places for transactions that have been reviewed and added and transactions which haven’t. I don’t want to add the transaction until I have reviews both accounts and checked it has been allocated correctly. 


I’m looking at transactions from the past 3 years so it’s not easy to get all the bank statements from both accounts together to review. I was hoping I could look at the Bank Register in QB as all the data is in there, if only I could find a way to view it all in one place.


Best Regards


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