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How do I enter a Credit Note?

Hi, I'm completely new to this so forgive me. I have signed up for "Simple Start" plan, as I now need to file my VAT digitally.


I have entered all my supplier invoices one by one. And also all my sales invoices. Now I need to enter any Credit Notes from suppliers. Is there a way? I tried to enter as a normal invoice but make the figure minus, however it says error.


But I cannot find how to do this. If I click "+" and select "Supplier Credit" it asks me to change my plan/price. But the plan I'm on, Simply Start, says features are "MTD Ready" & "Submit VAT Directly to HMRC". So I assume that everything I need to do for filing VAT (such as credit notes) would be included in this plan.


And IF I have to upgrade to a premium plan, which one do I choose? Because it doesn't tell me how expensive I need to go to activate this feature!



QuickBooks Team

How do I enter a Credit Note?

Hi ELSLtd, thanks for joining the QB Community - supplier credits are only available through our higher tiered plans; the lowest plan to access this is QB Online Essentials, which is priced at  £24 p/m + VAT. Alternately, you can enter a credit on the supplier account manually using a journal entry - we'd recommend reaching out to your bookkeeper or accountant if you're unsure on how to enter this. :)

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How do I enter a Credit Note?

This is the EXACT same situation as I'm in! There's loads of suggested work-arounds, but I still can't see how to match all of the invoices, and credit notes to my corresponding bank transaction (the payment that I made to my supplier for my monthly statement). Have you discovered how to do this yet?

QuickBooks Team

How do I enter a Credit Note?

I appreciate you for joining the thread, @SQ123.


Let me help you with this. To match your invoice and credit notes to your bank transactions, link them before performing a match to the transactions to your bank. Because if there's an excess credit note that hasn't been linked to an invoice, this will not allow you to match the transaction.


However, there are cases that transactions can't find a match. These are:


  • The date doesn't match.
  • The bank account on the payment isn't the same as the bank where the match is located (Or the connected bank account is set up as a credit card).
  • The amounts don't match.
  • The payment has been reconciled.
  • There's a Multicurrency issue with exchange rates.
  • It's already been matched to something else.


Additionally, if it's older than six months, you'll need to select "Find Match" to locate the match, since the banking system will only read less than six months of transactions by default.


After reviewing this checklist and the issue persists, I recommend excluding transactions that hinder you from matching transactions to your bank.


Learn how to use bank rules to automatically categorize transactions from your bank by reading this article: Set up bank rules to categorise online banking transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Let me know how it goes to ensure that the issue has been resolved, and if you have additional queries about matching and reconciling your transaction in QBO, route back yourself here. I'll be happy to lend help. Have a blissful week!

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How do I enter a Credit Note?

No I didn't figure out how to enter credit notes.

The only solution I found was to cancel my subscribtion and go else where.

I signed up for the Simple Start plan, which is advertised as "Making Tax Digital" ready.

But it couldn't handle basic things such as credit notes!

To process credit notes, you need to subscribe to £24 a month Essentials plan.

It's completely false advertising so I closed my account and got a refund.

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How do I enter a Credit Note?

Sorry, but why is this not in the simple plan? I am in the same dilemma trying to workout how to enter the supplier credit notes as I am doing a training course. 

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