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Matt turkentine
Level 1

Importing Stripe data and deleting imported data


My stripe account within QB has become a giant mess! it doesn't balance with multiple errors across thousands of transactions.

I had 2 stripe accounts which imported into one QB stripe account, one of these accounts only ran for about a month the other is still in use.

When I run a report on Stripe, the data looks as it should but within QB all the dates are different and some of the ammounts are split with no consistency.

I was wondering if there is a way to basically delete all data in the stripe accounts from them starting (early 2022) and then import the two accounts worth of transactions to quickbooks. If I do this, will it mess up the transactions that have been marked as paid from the current data or will it sync ok?

QuickBooks Team

Importing Stripe data and deleting imported data

Hi Matt, thanks for posting on the Community


We're unable to offer direct support for third-party app integrations such as Stripe. By deleting the connection, any transactions that were matched as payment against open bills or invoices may be removed. 


In most cases, the best option would be to use the reconciliation tool (reconciling in small periods of 1-3 months) to highlight any incorrect or duplicate transactions. If you need any further guidance on this, we'd recommend contacting your bookkeeper or accountant for advice. 

Level 11

Importing Stripe data and deleting imported data

@Matt turkentine 

Explore a 3rd connector app to reconcile your historical Stripe transactions.


You can use a 3rd party backup restore app to lower any risks.


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