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Issues sending invoices

@Ryan_M wrote:

Hi @markscacco,


It's great to hear that the steps provided by my colleague @MaryLandT have resolved your query. 


Please know that we're always around to assist, whenever you need it. You can come back to the Community whenever you have other questions. I'll be sure to get back to you. 

Hi @Ryan_M  To clarify, it was not @MaryLandT 's steps that worked. It was @JulieMES 's suggestion to change image file types to .TIFF.

Level 2

Issues sending invoices

We had this issue as well on one of work stations earlier this week. 

The issue was resolved by disabling Hardware Graphics Acceleration within outlook. 

Outlook > File > Options > Click Advanced in the left bar of the now open dialogue box >then check the Disable hardware graphics acceleration option in the Display section.


I hope this helps anyone else who had this issue. 

Level 1

Issues sending invoices

Buenos Dias. 

Necesito Ayuda no  puedo mandar Invoices por Email . No se si mi cuenta esta cerrada .

Level 2

Issues sending invoices

It is now March of 2022 and the issue is STILL happening. I just "upgraded" from 2017 and this started happening, tech support wants to charge me $129 or $199 to fix it! They say it's a "corrupt file" from a previous version. That's a load of crap! I see this has been a problem since AT LEAST 2020! They want to blame it on Outlook & Office but I don't use either one! This needs to get fixed WITHOUT charging the clients!

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