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Level 3

Journal Postings

Hi everyone,


I am really hoping someone out there can help me out on this. 


I have just posted a journal to post some employee expenses to QBO (it seems a journal is the only way to do this but that's another subject !!).  The credit entry is to an expense control account (B/S) and the debit to a P&L expense account. Against the latter, I have also named a supplier in the "Name" field in the journal. When however I go to the supplier account for the supplier named, the transaction doesn't show. Why would that be ? Surely the whole point of naming the supplier is so that the expense appears in the supplier account isn't it ? 

QuickBooks Team

Journal Postings

Thanks for sharing a screenshot, @Barheys.


Allow me to share some insights on why the Journal Entry (JE) you entered for your supplier doesn’t show under their Transaction List.


This is because only Accounts Payable A/P used in JE will be posted in your supplier Transaction List. Other accounts used in creating a JE for your supplier doesn’t show in their profile.


I’d recommend getting in touch with your accountant for guidance in choosing the correct account when creating a JE. To learn more about how JE works, check out this article for details: Create a journal entry in QuickBooks Online.


Also, you can run the Transaction List by Supplier report to see all the transactions for your supplier including the JE you’ve created. Let me show you how.

  1. Go to the Reports menu.
  2. Type in Transaction List by Supplier from the search field.
  3. Adjust the Date range of the report or customise it to show the data you need.

Once done, you have the option to export the report to excel. This way, you can use the report without accessing your QBO account.


Tag me in if there’s anything else you need help with managing your supplier transactions. I’ll be around ready to lend a hand. Have a great day and keep safe.

Level 3

Journal Postings

Hello Jasro. 


Thanks for the response. As it is, I am an accountant so am familiar with double entry and journal entries - hence the reason why I am confused with this. 


The supplier account named in the journal I posted is indeed an Accounts Payable account. Given that Expense, Bill and Payment transactions all get posted to the supplier and show in the account, I cannot see any reason why an expense which has been posted by way of a journal wouldn't or shouldn't show ? If I want to review activity on that supplier, I ought to be able to see eveything I've done and  not just bits of it. In truth, I would happily have posted an expense transaction instead of a journal - however, Quickbooks has no way of dealing with expenses incurred by employees and reimbursed through an expense claim in this way so I had no option other than to post a journal to get the transaction into the accounts (it seems this is indeed the QBO recommended solution for this issue - not great but there you go !). 

So I remain unclear as to why this transaction hasn't shown up on the supplier account. I have noted the work-around you have suggested and may try that - but that really isnt the point - this ought to work without having to jump through hoops in this way. 


Its becoming increasingly obvious to me that QBO isn't actually designed to be used by accountants - rather this a product for non-accountants that increasingly accountants are having to use to keep up with their clients. I think therefore that there would be considerable merit given the way things are going in having an accountants version of QBO that actually works the way accountants do and can manage things like reversing journals, expense claims etc .......







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