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Electrical Eddy
Level 1

Linking bank account prior to dec

Hey, i have linked my bank account but it is only showing transCtions from Jan 24 tp present day. I need April 23 to end of Dec 23 too but cannot find how to do this. Please advise. 

QuickBooks Team

Linking bank account prior to dec

Hi there, Electrical.


I understand that you may be wondering why only transactions from the past 90 days are automatically downloaded from your bank account into QuickBooks Online. Allow me to explain this limitation to you.

QuickBooks Online establishes a secure connection with your bank account to retrieve transaction data. However, due to various factors, such as data storage capacity and security measures, most banks only provide transaction data for a limited period, typically 90 days.

This means that QuickBooks Online can automatically download and sync transactions from your bank account for the past 90 days only. Transactions older than this timeframe will not be available for automatic download.

However, please note that even though transactions beyond the 90-day limit are not automatically downloaded, you can still manually import them into QuickBooks Online. Many financial institutions offer the option to export transactions in a compatible file format, such as a CSV file. You can then import these files into QuickBooks Online to ensure your financial records are up to date.

If you require access to transactions older than 90 days, you may add your transactions manually or bring your bank data to QuickBooks Online (QBO) by uploading them via CSV file:


  1. Get your transactions from your bank.
  2. Review the file and ensure it's formatted correctly.
  3. Upload the file through the Banking menu.
    a. Click on Bank transactions at the left pane, then go to the Banking page.
    b. Select the blue tile for the account you want to upload the transactions into.
    c. Click on the Link account ▼ dropdown and then Upload from file.
    d. Follow the onscreen pop-ups to complete the process

To manage your bank transactions and ensure the data is accurate, you can refer to the following articles for future needs:



If you have any further questions or need assistance with banking transactions, please feel free to reach out. Our Community team is here to help. Have a great day!

Level 11

Linking bank account prior to dec

@Electrical Eddy 

You can use one of the converter tools (e.g csv2qbo @ $60 one time license) as a workaround.


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