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Missing Profit and Loss & Expenses Information

Hi all,


Hoping someone can help.  The last few days my Quibooks (self-employed) has not been syncing with my bank accounts.  When I tried to refresh I received an error saying something had gone wrong and to try again in a few hours. 


I eventually decided to disconnect then reconnect my accounts and this worked - my accounts are now synced again.  In the meantime, all of the transaction data has disappeared from my Quickbooks account - I can no longer see any profit/loss information, or income for the last 12 months.  My tax calculation has also re-set to zero. 


I'm at a loss as to what has happened and can only assume the information has disappeared due to my disconnecting and reconnecting my bank accounts.  I really hope I don't have to go through every single transaction I've made over the last 12 months because of this - I no longer have the receipts as I uploaded copies to Quickbooks.  I assumed that Quickbooks made a copy of all the transaction data and this was help against the receipts that I saved?


Help would be appreciated!





QuickBooks Team

Missing Profit and Loss & Expenses Information

I know that this hasn't been easy for you, Stuartd01.


This is definitely not what we want you to experience when syncing your transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE). I'll do what I can and ensure you'll be able to get your data back in the program. 


Please note that when you remove a connected bank account in QBSE, all its related transactions will also be deleted. Also, this action or change is permanent. You may need to manually import your transactions to ensure that your books are accurate and up-to-date.


You can start by signing in to your bank’s website. Then, follow their instructions to download your transactions as a CSV file. When ready, you can start importing your transactions:


  1. Open QuickBooks Self-Employed in a web browser.
  2. Go to the Gear icon, then choose Imports transactions.
  3. Select Import transactions for the account you want to add transactions to.
  4. Click Browse and find the file you downloaded from your bank. 
  5. Click the file and hit Open to start the import.
  6. Review the column headers and data, then hit Continue to complete the process.


You can also contact our QuickBooks Support Team. They can guide how to recover all your lost transactions in QBSE. To reach them, you can follow the steps below:


  1. Sign in to your QBSE account.
  2. Click the Assistant button at the top.
  3. Type Contact Support in the chat box
  4. You'll now be provided with support options that are available at that time. 
    QBSE contact us.PNG


Additionally, here are some articles that you can browse to help manage your downloaded online banking transactions:



I'm still here if you have any other concerns or additional transactions. Just leave a comment below, and I'll get back to you, Stuartd01.

Level 1

Missing Profit and Loss & Expenses Information

Thanks for the response.


This is extremely frustrating and disappointing - I no longer have any of the receipts for the last years transactions.  I assumed that once I uploaded them to Quickbooks that they were held permanently?  I'm at a loss as to how this has resulted in all of my transaction data disappearing.  Surely there's a server back-up?


Going through every single transaction again is literally going to take me days!

QuickBooks Team

Missing Profit and Loss & Expenses Information

Hello Stuartd01, unfortunately, that is just how Quickbooks self-employed works, we will pass it on as feedback to the team. Having checked your account we can see you deleted a Monzo and an American Express account, we can raise up to our higher team to recover the transactions for you and sometimes it does bring the receipts back in as well but just to make it clear it is not guaranteed it will bring the receipts back when the team d the recovery of your transactions. If you would like us to raise up to get those two accounts transactions recovered please let us know. Also when the team recovers the transactions they will come back all categorized as they were before deletion. 

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