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PDF attachments

Something's been changed in the QBO system for the worse


Up until recently, clicking on a pdf attachment to a transaction resulted in the pdf opening in a separate tab in the browser to view, perfect, very useful


As of the last few weeks, new pdf attachments no longer behave like this


Instead, clicking on a pdf results in an automatic download which can only be viewed by opening the download to view in whatever your default pdf viewer is, time consuming and not very helpful


I've flagged this up via live chat and the response I effectively got in not so many words was "sorry, that's how it now is, live with it" 


In the big scheme of things it's minor, but for me it's a detrimental change to a product I've been very happy with up until now


I asked the customer service rep to pass our chat onto technical staff so hopefully somebody will see sense and rectify this

QuickBooks Team

PDF attachments

Hello Blurryeybob, Thanks for posting on the Community page, we fully appreciate the feedback you have left here, we are sorry to hear you don’t like the change that has been made. We will be sure to pass this feedback onto the developers team. 

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