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A Craig
Level 1

Process supplier refund/credit

We have supplier amount at a minus figure as we are due a refund. All invoices and credit have been entered into Quickbooks Online.


We have now received the refund from the supplier via bank and its showing in Quickbooks banking transactions.


How do I match the two amounts to bring the the opening supplier balance to £0.00


So far spent about 1 hour going round in circles. any help/advice greatly appreciated - thanks!

Level 8

Process supplier refund/credit

HI @A Craig 

Enter the refund as a Bank Deposit to Accounts Payable (= Creditors) using the Supplier Name & NoVAT code.  The refund will then show on the Supplier Register & you can clear against the Supplier Credit using Pay Bills.

(the refund will effectively show as a debt which can be offset using the credit)


Hope this helps.

QuickBooks Team

Process supplier refund/credit

 Hello A Craig, Thanks for posting on the Community page, So you need to record the refund from the banking page into expense posted to creditors and apply it to the open bills by clicking make payment. Here are two articles to help you for the future they have more detail on them as well for you to follow. 


Enter supplier credits and Refunds in QuickBooks Online 

Record a customer refund in QuickBooks Online


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