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Quickbooks Receipts



I am currently using Quickbooks to take pictures of my receipts and match them to bank invoices.


If for example I take 10 pictures of receipts, I then go onto my receipt tab and 'create the expense'. 


I then go down my bank account and match the receipts to the bank via the match function.


If I only match 9 receipts is there any sort of reporting tool or way of noticing that there is an unmatched receipt/expense just sitting in Quickbooks?


Thank you, any help is much appreciated.

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Receipts

Hello CWR11, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


There are no reports that will show what has not been matched up. 


When they get matched they are cleared in the bank account, so in your reconciled status it will show as C. 


You could see in there if any have been missed as I'm sure when a receipt is being created it shows as a C it might show up as something else so will be able to tell that way. 

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Quickbooks Receipts

Hi Ashleigh,


Thank you for your help. I'm not quite sure when to find the "c" you speak of.


Is there a way for me to go down f.e. the receipt list and see that some of them have not been reconciled?


Thanks again

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Receipts

Hi there, CWR11.


We'll have to make sure that you have the bank statement handy when reconciling your account to cross-check or match the transactions or amounts in QuickBooks Online. You can go to your Chart of Accounts to view those transactions that haven't been reconciled, then manually reconcile them.


Here's how:

  1. Click Accounting on the left menu.
  2. Under Chart of Accounts, select the correct account that you've just reconciled.
  3. Click Account History and locate for the transactions. 
  4. Under the check column. you can continuously click it until it shows the letter R to manually reconcile the transaction.
  5. Click Save and Yes.

For more information, you can also check this article: Fix Issue When Reconciling Accounts In QuickBooks Online.


You'll want to run reports to show different aspects of your business: Run Reports In QuickBooks Online.


Reply to this thread if you have additional questions. I'll be glad to help.


Quickbooks Receipts

Hello Community Users, We just wanted to pop in and add an update to this thread in regards to reports showing what has not been added as a match but has been added as an expense receipt. You can run  the  transaction detail by account report and customise it to show transactions added by online banking and also reconciled and non reconciled transactions. To do this hit on customise>change columns>add the online banking and clr column) Then in the same customise section in the reports you can use the filter to filter transaction type and filter the cleared(reconciled in the bank section) out. The non reconciled transactions will be the ones which be under the cleared option change for all to uncleared. That should then show any transactions not matched in banking.

There is also the option of going to the chart of accounts>selecting account history on your bank account> using the funnel symbol on the left hand side above the word date and selecting reconcile status and not reconciled and then apply

Any questions feel free to ask them here.

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