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Quickbooks + timesheets + international clients

I am a sole trader / single person business who has clients in different countries and currencies (and languages).

I saw that quickbooks has a timesheet feature but cannot seem to find it and set it up correctly now that I've signed up for quickbooks as a sole trader.

I submit my taxes in Spain but have to bill people in the UK, US and Australia. So each client i have a different hourly rate or way i bill them, in a different currency, into different bank accounts.
I'm basically a disaster when it comes to tax dates and have to submit my taxes in Spanish 4 times a year.
I wanted to know who else has used quickbooks like this and what additional features you have found are useful.
Can i set an hourly rate and then create invoices based on their rate and the hours i've logged? Can i create invoices in more than one language? 
I am finding different information on the US quickbooks site vs the UK quickbooks site. And i dont want to spend hours uploading everything only to find that its not possible or i can't do my taxes in spain after all etc...
Thanks so much in advance for any tips or advice!!


Quickbooks + timesheets + international clients

Hello there, nicolaclyon. 


I appreciate the detailed information about your concerns.


QuickBooks Self-Employed is primarily for freelancers, independent contractors, and service-based entrepreneurs. This is a fast way and easy way to track your business income and expenses. That said, timesheet and multicurrency features are unavailable in this version.


The invoicing part of QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) is mainly used for creating invoices, sending them out to customers, and collecting payments. 


The option to access timesheets and setting up multi-currencies are available in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop versions. You may consider upgrading your subscription to these said versions to get your work done. To learn more about different QuickBooks products and versions, please check here.


Let me know if you need anything else. I've got your back.

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Quickbooks + timesheets + international clients


QBSE only offers limited features for your case. Your best option is open a Wise business account to accept payments in GBP, USD, and AUD from your clients, convert the balances to GBP account anytime you want, and run the bank feeds into your QBSE account. You may withdraw your balances easily anytime with a competitive currency rate and a lower fee to your local bank.


Second option, use QB Desktop US version with a one time license. Then utilize a time tracker app to integrate with it.


Last option, switch to QBO Global version for Spain.

then explore these project management apps to integrate with your QBO. .





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