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Record supplier invoice payment when paid by employee

Does anyone know how to record a supplier invoice payment which has been paid by an employee via their credit card?


So, the employee has paid for a shipping courier's invoice with their personal credit card.

We have the invoice logged into QB and need to track the VAT, which is quite large, so I need to show that the company has paid the VAT in order to reclaim it.


How do I pay my employee back for the total amount paid out and also show the supplier invoice is paid?



QuickBooks Team

Record supplier invoice payment when paid by employee

Thanks for reaching out to us here today, @Snelly.


I'll share some information about how you can pay your employee from a business bank account. First, record the supplier's bill payment by going to +New and then Pay bills. This will mark the supplier's invoice as paid.


Then, create a journal entry to record the business expense paid by your employee. It is best to consult your accountant to make sure you Debit and Credit the correct account.


After creating a journal entry, you can reimburse your employee by creating a cheque. Here's how:


  1. Go to +New.
  2. Select Cheque.
  3. Choose a bank account to use to reimburse personal funds. Make sure to pick the correct account in the Category column.
  4. Enter the Amount to reimburse.
  5. Click Save and close.

Here's an article that you can use as your reference: Pay for business expenses with personal funds.


I've also added this link here in case you need help with other tasks in QBO. It has topics with articles that'll guide you along the way.


Keep me posted if you have other questions or concerns with the supplier's transaction or employee refund. I'll be around to assist you further. Take care and have a great rest of the week.

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Record supplier invoice payment when paid by employee

I'm not sure I follow this completely.


Step 1 is to mark the invoice as being paid, but what account to I pay it with - checking?

Step 2 journal entry to debit that account but then which account do I credit?

Step 3 pay the employee to reimburse - that is straight forward, from our checking account.

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