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Refugee from desktop: can you associate a custom field with a customer and how do you maintain

Because you cannot customise Sales Invoices in any useful way I have tried adding a custom field. There is no help to understand what a custom field is associated with (Customer, Product ) clearly this has been addressed in the Advanced version.  Also how do you actually get a value into the customer field in online


Refugee from desktop: can you associate a custom field with a customer and how do you maintain

Hello there, @ZSolve. I understand the confusion given that you're from QuickBooks Desktop and navigating through QuickBooks Online can be a whole lot different experience. No worries, I'm here to clarify things out and share additional information.


When creating a custom field, we only have the option to choose a specific category ( Customer, Transaction, Vendor, Project) and select forms where we want the custom field to appear. Thus, the ability to associate it with a specific customer is unavailable.


I can see how you would want to have this ability and like you, I also think that this would be a great addition to QuickBooks Online's features as this will benefit not only you but other users as well who's been needing to have a custom field that can be associated to customers. No worries, I'll take note of this and ensure to notify our Product Engineers.


Alternatively, I also recommend sending your own feature request so they'll know that this is something you personally need and might encourage other users to vote for this as well.


  1. Click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner.
  2. Select Feedback under Profile.
  3. Share your feedback.
  4. Click Next to submit.

You can refer to this link so you can track the status of your request and get the latest updates from our development team: QuickBooks Online Customer Feedback.


With regard to your concern about getting a value on customer fields, are you referring to the ability to create a custom field that allows numerical data? Or are you referring to something else? I'd appreciate any additional information as this will allow me to provide you with appropriate information and solutions. 


Additionally, I've included an article that you can always refer to in case you need assistance in receiving and recording invoice payments: Record invoice payments in QuickBooks Online.


I want to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed properly. Should you need any more help with creating custom fields in QuickBooks Online, you can always ask your question here by hitting the Reply button or starting a new thread. Stay safe.

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