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Kosmos UK
Level 1

Refund from supplier for duplicate payment

We paid a supplier twice for the same invoice.  


How do I process the refund?  The overpayment was sitting on the suppliers account as a credit value (I had to process to balance the bank account).  As we do not use this supplier regularly the money has been refunded to us.


Quikbooks says I cannot process the cheque back into the account without an open bill.


We have put a duplicate invoice on the account to clear the balance, however this has obviously duplicated the cost in the chart of accounts.  


Why are supplier refunds SO complicated in quickbooks????

SME Bookkeeper
Level 4

Refund from supplier for duplicate payment

Hi @Kosmos UK 


Thank you for writing here.

You can categorize that transaction to the same "Chart of Accounts" that one uses at the time of categorizing the actual payment.

If you receive a check, then use "Bank Deposit form New (+)"

Fill in the credentials in the name of the Supplier, and match that from the Banking panel.


It's as simple as that. Don't feel paniked for this sort of issue. Feel free reach out through my bio


All the best

@SME Bookkeeper 

QuickBooks Team

Refund from supplier for duplicate payment

Hi Kosmos UK, thanks for joining the Community. As you already have the credit outstanding on your supplier account, you can record the supplier refund without raising a new bill. To do this:


1. Select + New and select Bank deposit.
2. In the Add funds to this deposit section, enter the following information:
In the Received From field, select or enter the desired supplier.
In the Account field, select the Creditors account (Accounts payable).
In the Amount field, enter the amount of the refund.
In the VAT field, select No VAT (not inclusive/exclusive of tax).
Select Save and Close.
3. Next, go to + New and select Cheque
4. Add the Payee and select the Bank Account.
5. From the Add to Cheque section, select Add for the bank deposit and the unapplied credit (make sure both are selected - the balance should be 0 as they will cancel each other out.)
6. Select Save and close.

If you have Online Banking, go to Bookkeeping, select Transactions, then match the record found on the Bank transactions (Take me there) page.

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