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sales invoice

I sent an invoice to a customer who subsequently paid. However, the sales invoice is still shown as outstanding. I cannot find a way to connect the sales invoice to the payment that has been made. The result of this is that my revenue is twice what it should be! Firstly, I have the amount in my debtors account, and secondly, I have the amount in my current account - hey presto, I have made twice as much as I thought I had! If anyone can help me sort this out I would appreciate it. Thanks

QuickBooks Team

sales invoice

Hi there, @john999.


I can see the urgency of this matter and we'd love to help you achieve your goal, but I need more information to help me get on the same page.


Would you mind telling me more about it? Like, can you please elaborate on how you recorded the customer payment? Did you record the payment before the invoice, directly as a bank deposit, as a journal entry, or as a bank transaction that you added directly from the bank's For Review tab?


Having this information will allow me to provide you with an accurate resolution. I look forward to your response. Have a great day!

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sales invoice

Hi ShaniamarieC, Thanks for your reply. Hopefully, I have set out all the steps that have led me to have double the revenue I should have and double the bank balance in QBO compared to my actual bank balance (I didn't mention the bank balance problem in my last post).


1. I created invoices in QuickBooks (Sales>invoices>create invoice). The invoices were created for existing customers and I used an invoice number. I then sent out the invoices using QBO (save & send).

2. At this point the invoice amount appeared in 'sales' in the P&L but when I drilled down it was a debtor

3. When the company received the invoice amount into its bank account. the invoice amount remained in debtors. I 'reviewed' the invoice amount, and 'categorised' it as sales. There wasn't any option to link the invoice to the sales income. After this process, I had double the sales income I should have had.

4. I then followed instructions on a QBO forum post and clicked '+new' in the LH tool bar then clicked 'receive payment' identified the invoice ('find invoice'). On the payment method, I clicked cash (the option of bank deposit was not offered and none of the other categories fitted).

5. This actioned to the invoice amount being recorded in QBO bank balance.


The result of these actions is that my sales is double what it should be and the bank balance is double what it should be. I have the opposite problem to Fujitsu Horizon!


Unfortunately, I haven't been able to sign onto the community all day- i kept getting an authentication error and being put into the US community!!! So, in my frustration i reached out to the helpline and got everything sorted.

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