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Charles P1
Level 1

Sending Invoices



I want to send invoices via my business email and not via Quickbooks auto generated email. I have been creating invoice PDF's as drafts and then sending via my business email but the problem is the invoices sit as drafts (as quickbooks deems them to not have been sent) so I cannot mark them as paid.


1. Is this possible to set up via quickbooks and link to my business email address so invoices are sent via my own email?


2. If not, is there any way to generate invoices (which dont sit as drafts) which I can send via my own email and then mark as paid.



Mark Armistead
Level 7

Sending Invoices

Intuit won't allow us users to send via our own email clients, why I don't know but it's been a constant request for years. No idea why they won't, probably because they'd have to spend some money by the product development team.

The only way round it is to generate the invoice in QBO, hit save & send, you can then download the invoice as a PDF, save it to you computer and then send it via your normal email client. It's a very clunky method but not much else you can do. The invoice will be then saved as normal in QBO so when you get paid you can assign the payment to the invoice(s). You would need to do the same with statements, download as PDF and send via your email client.


QuickBooks Team

Sending Invoices

Hi Charles, thanks for posting on the Community


Invoices sent through the QuickBooks system will use an Intuit email domain. It isn't possible to change this, and the workaround would be to send as a PDF attachment, and then send the invoice from QuickBooks to your own/business email (instead of the clients). 

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