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shirley bpr
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Sum up payments

Hi all, 

When Sum up pay us they have already taken the charge from the value so a customer invoice at £150 only comes through the bank at £147.20.    They then send a monthly charge invoice which will include the charge. eg this month invoice £2.80.


Worldpay do it differently the full amount is paid then they take the charge later.


I want the customer invoice through QB and the Sum up bill for £2.80 but how do I match the payments from the bank. - its ok if possibly one , but if there are a lot of invoices how can I do this.  it previously only been posted once sum up pay us, but then technically Sum up are the customer.

any help would be appreciated please and thanks



Sum up payments

I'll help you handle the payments fee and invoices in QuickBooks, shirley bpr.


Since you already have an existing invoice, we'll need to record the payment using the Receive Payments feature. 


  1. Go to the + New button.
  2. Select Receive Payments. Then, enter all the payment information.
  3. Tick the appropriate invoice you would like the payment to be applied to.
  4. Select Undeposited funds as the deposit to the account.
  5. Choose Save to record the transaction.


Then, let's make a bank deposit:


  1. Still, go the + New and select Bank Deposits
  2. Tick the payment you want to deposit in the Select the payments included in this deposit section.
  3. From the Add funds to this deposit section, enter the amount of the charge as a negative amount.
  4. From the Account section, select the Expense account you usually use in tracking bank fees.
  5. Click Save.


After that, we can match the deposit with your bank transaction. 


I have collected some articles for more information about handling bank data in QBO.



Please let me know if you have additional questions about payments, invoices and handling bank transactions. Take care and stay safe.

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