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Transaction deletions

Can transactions within QuickBooks be deleted & reinput with different dates? If so, is there any audit trail for these deletions and reinput? Where can I see the audit trail? 

QuickBooks Team

Transaction deletions

Hello and welcome to the Community, Q_BUser1


We'll be happy to share some guidance on deleting transactions in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks lets you void or delete any transaction if you've made a mistake. Simply locate the transaction and select More in the footer and then Void or Delete.


Voiding a transaction means that you still have a record of the transaction, but it won't affect your account balances or reports. 


When you delete a transaction, the transaction is completely erased from your books, and it won’t appear on any reports or in any accounts. You can recover some details of the transaction using the audit log in QuickBooks (select the Settings wheel > Audit log to view). 


For further information on voiding and deleting transactions in QuickBooks, please see here. Thanks again for reaching Intuit QuickBooks on the Community for support!

Level 1

Transaction deletions

Thank you, so just to confirm. If you delete a transaction this should still be visible within the audit logs? And you cannot suppress the audit logs on QuickBooks Online so there should always be an audit trail for deleted transactions.

I want to ensure the security of my business and prevent any manipulation of my ledger so it is important that I understand whether a ledger can be manipulated without an audit stamp of the transaction. 

QuickBooks Team

Transaction deletions

Securing your QuickBooks financial transaction data is our top priority, Q_BUser1. I'd be delighted to shed some light on the Audit log feature.


Yes, you're correct. We can use the details in the Audit log feature to re-enter a deleted transaction with its original information. Rest assured that the first deleted record can't be altered or removed after recreating the entry.


The functionality is designed to be a tamper-proof record of all transactions to maintain the accuracy and security of your books. It tracks every activity, sees who made the changes, and determines what they did within your QuickBooks Online account.


Once you're ready to recreate an entry, I recommend following these steps to locate the necessary info:


  1. Go to the Gear icon and then select Audit log.
  2. Modify the User (who deleted the transaction), Date Changed (when the entry was removed), and Events (select Deleted/Voided transactions).
  3. Once the results show, click View under History.
  4. Using the information, re-enter the transaction.


You can browse this article to learn more about using the feature: Utilise audit log to re-enter deleted transactions.


After tracking the transaction, I recommend running and customising your financial reports in your QuickBooks account. It'll help you examine and focus on the saved changes to ensure your books remain accurate.


This thread is always open if you need additional assistance navigating the feature or re-entering any data in QuickBooks. My team and I are ready to help you out.

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