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Gareth Westwood
Level 1

Using a directory loan account to pay a sales invoice

Hey Quickbooks community.


We have a situation where a director of our company (Company A) has a separate company (Company B). Company B buys services from Company A and is invoiced for those services at arms length to keep everything clean. The director in question has a directors loan account with Company A.


For some reason, an invoice from a couple of years ago was underpaid by 12 pence... No idea why or why it wasn't spotted until recently but we are where we are.


I would like to use the directors loan account to clear the 12p but I have no idea how to go about doing that. Can anyone help?

Gareth Westwood
Level 1

Using a directory loan account to pay a sales invoice

Apologies for the subject saying "Directory" rather than "Directors" not quite sure how that happened!

QuickBooks Team

Using a directory loan account to pay a sales invoice

I'd be glad to help you with the task at hand, Gareth.


A director's loan account is utilized to track business expenses when personal funds are used, recording financial transactions between a director and a company. 


To address the invoice you intend to write off with a director's loan account, you can use a journal entry to clear the amount. However, I suggest checking in with your accountant for professional advice, as older invoices can affect your financial records. They can also guide you on which accounts to use in the journal entry. If you still need to find one, you can use our accountant tool to locate the nearest one.


Here's how to create a journal entry in QuickBooks Online:


  1. Navigate to the +New button.
  2. Select Journal entry under Other.
  3. Choose the appropriate accounts to affect with the guidance of an accountant.
  4. Enter the debit and credit amounts in their respective columns.
  5. Click Save and close.


You can also refer to this article for more info on using a director's loan account: Record a director's loan in QuickBooks Online.


For future reference, here's a guide on generating reports to get a comprehensive overview of your business performance: Run reports in QuickBooks Online.


Stay in touch if you have other invoice-related concerns or need further assistance navigating QuickBooks Online, Gareth. The Community is always ready to provide the help you need.

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